A Robotic Home Assistant with Memory Aid Functionality



We present the robotic system IRMA (Interactive Robotic Memory Aid) that assists humans in their search for misplaced belongings within a natural home-like environment. Our stand-alone system integrates state-of-the-art approaches in a novel manner to achieve a seamless and intuitive human-robot interaction. IRMA directs its gaze toward the speaker and understands the person’s verbal instructions independent of specific grammatical constructions. It determines the positions of relevant objects and navigates collision-free within the environment. In addition, IRMA produces natural language descriptions for the objects’ positions by using furniture as reference points. To evaluate IRMA’s usefulness, a user study with 20 participants has been conducted. IRMA achieves an overall user satisfaction score of 4.05 and a perceived accuracy rating of 4.15 on a scale from 1–5 with 5 being the best.

In Proceedings of the 39th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence